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Idea Knot™

Idea Knot™







Define a problem-space… RESEARCH the living daylight out of it… BRAINSTORM… Solve it… YOU DO THAT with Idea Knot BETTER THAN ANYBODY, by design.

Combined or tied together with friends’ notes + documents.

Compatible with legacy version documents from 12+ years ago.

2-minute Manual

Create An Idea

When you create an idea you will either be taken to the ‘All Ideas’ group or left in the currently selected group, depending on the setting of the toolbar switch in the ‘View’ menu.

Use command-b to toggle the state of the toolbar.

Status Message

The status message at the bottom left of a document window always tells you what’s currently going on with your document.

More Space To Read Long Names

You can drag the frame between the Ideas list and this Edit field to change the width of the list if it’s too small for your titles.  You can also resize the window as normal.

If your title still doesn’t fit, you can read it by hovering over the “Title” field above the note and waiting for the tooltip to show.


You can delete an idea or a group by clicking the minus button at the bottom of the lists while it is enabled.  Bear in mind that it is only enabled when you are allowed to delete an idea or a group you created.

You cannot delete the ‘All Ideas’ group.

The delete key from the keyboard also works.

End Editing

While you are editing the text of an idea, you can return focus to the Ideas list by pressing command-i.  This ends editing of the content of the idea. You can also type command-{ to put focus on the groups list. See the Window menu.

The command-i technique makes it quick to create multiple ideas by using only the keyboard – press ‘return’ to create and idea, then ‘tab’ to edit its content, command-i to return to the Ideas list and ‘return’ to keep going.

You can see the “Help” menu, Shortcuts section for details on how to set your own custom keyboard shortcuts.

Separate View

The ‘Separate’ tab is where you create and organize ideas.

You can use it during a meeting to create quick notes of what is being said. Creating ideas is meant to be an instant process, so you can create and edit them on-the-fly.

Quick Note-Taking

For quick note-taking, learn to press ‘return’, type a title, press ‘tab’, type the content, press command-return and then repeat for the next idea.  You can go back and edit titles later if you need to.

Combined View

The ‘Combined’ tab shows a summary of all the ideas in the selected group.  It is a convenient way to see everything at once.

You can use it during a meeting or presentation to follow the points you are making. Press shift while using the jump button there to go in reverse direction, to a previous idea.

Each Idea, One Idea

Editing the content of an idea, regardless of what group you’re currently viewing, will update all of its occurences in every group of the document. Think of it as one idea that many groups can reference. Same thing for the name of an idea. If you change it anywhere, it will change everywhere.

If you really want to duplicate the contents of an idea, create a new idea and while your new idea is selected Drag & Drop the one you want to copy from the Ideas list into the content field.

Organize In Groups

You can organize ideas into groups by dragging them over from the ‘All Ideas’ group into a target group.  Once they are in a group, you can reorder them by dragging them within the Ideas list.

Groups retain the order of their ideas and can have multiple copies of the same idea. The ‘All Ideas’ group is special – it does not allow duplicates and is always sorted alphabetically.

You can rearrange the groups by dragging them within the groups list.


You can use Find/Replace within the text of an idea by using shift-command-f, or pressing the Find/Replace button in the toolbar. You can use the Find command in the Combined tab as well.

Command-f will search for idea titles in the selected group. Each letter you type will show red if you have a match. If you see your match, there is no need to keep typing – press return or tab to select it in the list and update the note.

You can use the up/down arrows to see other matches with the same letters. An idea Title does not have to begin with the text you type – it will match other parts as well, however, prefix matches will appear first.

Highlight Unused Ideas

While viewing the “All Ideas” group, press the coloured button in top right corner of the Ideas list (above the scroll bar for the Ideas list), this colors all the ideas that have not been used in any group.  Their background will appear in color to spot them easily by simply scrolling through your list.  Once dragged into a group they will look normal.  This helps you see what content is yet to be used.